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Artist Locale: New Berlin, WI USA Style of work: Realism Subject matter: Nature, Landscapes Medium(s) used: Encaustic paint, shellac burns, powdered pigments, encaustic photo transfers

Art Exhibition previously on at Camelback Gallery in United States.
From Wednesday 24 February 2021 to Wednesday 10 March 2021

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Published by Camelback Gallery on Wednesday 24 February 2021.
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Artist Statement
“The goal of my artwork is to create a wow. ​I am intrigued by liquid wax and enjoy seeing what can happen when the materials are heated and fused, creating a wide variety of effects and depth in the layers beneath. ​My realistic pieces explore the detail and near photo realism you can achieve in encaustic painting. In stark contrast, my abstract pieces explore the possibilities of texture and depth. Ultimately for me, it comes down to the process. What can be created with resin, pigment, and beeswax is limitless and is taking me on an amazing journey in search of wow!” Bob