Bunjil Place Gallery proudly welcomes iconic design exhibition miffy & friends this autumn

Bunjil Place Gallery proudly welcomes iconic design exhibition miffy & friends, featuring the work of Dutch illustrator, Dick Bruna (1927-2017) to Melbourne on 27 March – 13 June. Captivating children and adults alike for over 65 years, the iconic figure of Miffy features in a major, free exhibition coming to Melbourne for the very first time.

Art Exhibition previously on at Zilla & Brook in Melbourne precinct, Australia.
From Saturday 27 March 2021 to Sunday 13 June 2021

Bunjil Place Gallery proudly welcomes iconic design exhibition miffy & friends this autumn image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 03 March 2021.
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Miffy was first created by Bruna as a bedtime story for his son in 1955. The little white bunny, or ‘nijntje’ as she is known in Dutch, has evolved from her life as a children’s book character into a globally-recognised and universally loved design icon.

miffy & friends presents original drawings and illustrations loaned from Bruna’s estate, Mercis bv in Amsterdam, to explore his aesthetic influences and, in turn, how he has influenced generations of artists.

While deceptively simple, the character of Miffy is grounded in the ideas of 20th century avant-garde art, reflecting ideas of abstractionism and colour theory. With her pared back details and purity of line, Miffy embodies a universal language of minimalism.

The exhibition places Miffy alongside the work of seven of Australia’s most exciting contemporary artists who find the ideas encapsulated in Bruna’s figure of Miffy as inspiration for their own artistic practice.

The inclusion of work by Stephen Bird, Sadie Chandler, Nadia Hernández, Carla McRae, Nell, Brian Robinson, and Vipoo Srivilasa, representing some of the biggest talent in contemporary art, firmly places the exhibition within an Australian context.

Exhibition curator Vanessa Van Ooyen comments that miffy & friends is a celebration of people coming together to share in the joys of art: “Miffy perfectly captures the Dutch concept of gezelligheid, which isn’t a word easily translated into English but is about a feeling, of coming together with loved ones and a general ‘togetherness’ that gives people a sense of belonging and mutual understanding.”

Sure to delight Miffy fans across Melbourne and beyond, the exhibition instils a love of art in audiences of all ages, making a lasting impression on all who cross her path. Bunjil Place Gallery is honoured to share the timeless simplicity of miffy and friends in Melbourne this autumn.

Commissioned artists:

Stephen Bird
Working in the domain of craft, Stephen remains aloof from any artist pigeon hole. He works with paint and clay and has also undertaken site-specific sculpture commissions.

Sadie Chandler
Inspired by childhood memories of toys and cartoons, Sadie blends formalism, minimalism and art history to create serious, playful and elegant pieces of art.

Nadia Hernández
Based in Sydney, Nadia builds her artwork on the current political climate of her home country and diasporic experience as a Venezuelan woman living abroad. She uses objects of personal and cultural significance to create banners, paintings and paper constructions.

Carla McRae
Carla balances detail and simplicity to bring observations of the everyday into a graphic, often abstracted realm with bright colour, bold forms and fine lines. Her minimal and distilled imagery forms drawings, digital illustrations, sculptures, installations and murals.

By creating dramatic, humourous and overall idiosyncratic works, Nell transforms materials ranging from the sacred to the popular, historic to the mundane. Working in Sydney, her work incorporates sculpture, ceramics, painting, performance and installation.

Brian Robinson
Known for his printmaking, sculpture and public art, Brian uses a variety of techniques to produce bold, innovative and distinctive works. Using graphic prints and sculptures, his artworks present an intoxicating worldview and narrative inspired by his Torres Strait Islander heritage.

Vipoo Srivilasa
Working independently in ceramics, Vipoo Srivilasa creates contemporary porcelain sculptures, vessels and figures to transmit a universal message about cross-cultural experiences. His work is a playful blend of historical, figurative and decorative art practices with a healthy dose of contemporary culture.


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