Faces 2021 | Group Award Exhibition

Camelback Gallery presents the award recipients in this Online Exhibition. Thank you to all of the artists that participated in this event. The CB Team.

The artwork was selected by Jury from Camelback Gallery's Faces 2021 International Competition. The selection of artwork was chosen based on the number of entries, technical skill, quality of work, originality and the criteria for this event. Artist represented in this show are from the countries, USA, Russia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Belarus, Poland, Australia, Netherlands & France.

Art Exhibition previously on at Camelback Gallery in United States.
From Friday 05 March 2021 to Friday 04 June 2021

Junyi Liu image

Published by Camelback Gallery on Friday 05 March 2021.
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Best in Show Platinum Award
Junyi Liu

Gold Award of Excellence
Bonnie Dhein

Silver Awards
Mehrnosh Kaecker, Rick Warren, Simona Zecca, Jessica Harrison, Joel Mitnick, Florian PrĂ¼nster, Teresa Jarzynski, Irina Shekhovtsova, Ekaterina Kovzus, Pamela Ackley

Bronze Awards
Bonnie Sheckter, Kaitlin Mikrut, Hakchul Kim, Aneta Panas, Isabell Martinez, Tyler Nachtman, Anna Ismagilova, Freda Cheung, Simonova Margarita, Patsy Lindamood, Sofia Becherucci, Pat Rios, Lena Krashevka, Larry Ehrlich, Lyle Colombo, Kayla Morrow, Dianne Postman, Faye Ives, Fernando Hideki Amasse, Faye Marie Barber, Juan Miguel Suarez Rodriguez, Emily Lewis, Tim Judge, Claire Fusaro, Sue MacLeod-Beere, Susan Brinkmann, Alevtina Valentine, Agron Marku, K Lobdell, Cher Pruys