In Really Really, a series of words float through animated star constellations. While apparently drifting aimlessly, the words can be rearranged in numerous ways to recount roughly the same sappy avowal of long-distance love.

Art Exhibition previously on at Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Monday 15 December 2008 to Wednesday 21 January 2009

Really Really image

Published by CCP on Monday 12 January 2009.
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The many combinations of words, and their predictable associations, call attention to the thresholds of verbal expression. When some sincere words are needed it seems as if they’ve all been said before. And so, this declaration of love is both enabled and haunted by the tension between sentiment and formula. Really Really continues my interest in how meaning is constructed and circulated,and in particular, how common models of communication continue to frame and yet fall short of our personal experiences.

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