Filipe Assuncao | Featured Artist Spotlight

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Artist Locale: Tananger, Rogaland, Norway. Style of work: Abstract Figurative. Subject matter: People and Life. Medium(s) used: Acrylic.

Art Exhibition previously on at Camelback Gallery in United States.
From Wednesday 28 July 2021 to Wednesday 18 August 2021

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Published by Camelback Gallery on Wednesday 28 July 2021.
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Artist Statement

“What I love about being an artist is the possibility to create and open windows over new worlds and to leave a legacy that can last for very long. I feel that to be an artist is both an immense privilege and a huge responsibility. I aim to keep a very high standard and produce a consistent work. It is very rewarding to see others enjoying and buying my work. I am surprised because my paintings are loved by all kind of people. I enjoy the emotions that people experience when seeing my work and the communication that is established. That gives me the motivation and excitement to create and improve continuously.” Filipe