Road Trip 2021 Photography Awards

The photography for this exhibition was selected from CB's Road Trip 2021 International Juried Photography Competition. Artwork for the exhibition was determined by on the number of entries, criteria, quality of work, technical skill and originality.

Artists represented in this show are from the countries, USA, Australia, Italy, Taiwan and Russia. Thank you to all that participated in this event & congratulations to the award winners.

Art Exhibition previously on at Camelback Gallery in United States.
From Friday 01 January 2021 to Friday 01 January 2021

Alessandro Cantarelli image

Published by Camelback Gallery on Friday 13 August 2021.
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Best in Show Platinum Award
Alessandro Cantarelli

Gold Award of Excellence
Adam Bacher

Sliver Awards
Rick Lingo, Mark Rein, Igor Mozel, Ken Kochakji, Thomas Melios-Traver, Kristopher Schoenleber, Holly Brewster, Colin Shisler, Freesia Castillo, Juei Chun Hung, Charlie Li, Jill Sneidman

Bronze Awards
Adam Bacher, John H Diephouse, Amanda J Thoyre, Sunnye Paris, Charlie Li, Andrea A. Gluckman, Rosemary Miklitsch, Robert Bolla, Christy Schmidt, Marcello Galleano, Misato Pang, Shannon Taggart, Michaelann Kelley, Samantha Inman, Kent Gordon, Judi Davis, Erica Caldwell, Igor Mozel, Ryan Gianelloni, Dietra Semple, Elizabeth Kayl, Daniel Rothenberg, Amanda J Thoyre, Debbie McCulliss, Christie Goldstein