Welcome Artist, Beate Blume!

Beate applied for Camelback Gallery's Online Featured Artist Residency. Her artwork was juried and selected for this designation. Congratulations!

Artist locale: Kempen, North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Style of work: Expressionism, Naive Art Subject matter: Animals, People, Cityscapes Medium: Acrylic

Art Exhibition previously on at Camelback Gallery in United States.
From Thursday 07 October 2021 to Friday 30 September 2022

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Event published by Camelback Gallery on Thursday 07 October 2021.
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“I typically use brilliant, vigorous colors and strong contrasts in my paintings. Clear shapes and repetitive elements give a unique rhythm to my paintings, unifying and separating fore- and background at the same time. The contours of the subject remain mostly naturalistic. Then I work intuitively with shapes and colors and decide which colors should rise and which forms be focused on. The vivid colors emanate a joy of life and power. Strong contrasts create tension and energy but the final work is a harmonious whole. In my paintings, each fragmented part helps create the meaningful whole. I think this is symbolic of our lives. All of our perception is partial and fragmented but we can still create a meaningful whole.” Beate