Welcome Izabela Sak | Solo Exhibition Series

Izabela's artwork was juried into Camelback Gallery's Exclusive 2021 - 2022 Solo Exhibition Series. Izabela was one in six artists selected this year by jury. See her show online at CamelbackGallery.com through August 31, 2022.

Artist locale: Zielona Gora, Poland Style of work: Minimalism & Surrealism Subject matter: Figurative Medium: Acrylic

Art Exhibition currently on at Camelback Gallery in United States.
From Friday 01 July 2022 to Wednesday 31 August 2022

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Published by Camelback Gallery on Friday 01 July 2022.
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“My painting is a bit like Rubik’s Cube. I collect elements from several photos and arrange the composition on one canvas. I create a new space, a new narrative. I like to combine colorful, minimalist backgrounds with realistic characters and objects. I am also moved by important events in my country and in the world, but I never create in sadness or anger.” Izabela