Shades of Red Awards!

The artwork for this exhibition was selected by Jury from Camelback Gallery's annual Shades of Red International Juried Visual Arts Competition. The jurors selected artwork based on theme, originality, quality of work and technical skill.

Artists represented in this show are from the USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Portugal, Brasil, Hong Kong, Iran, Hungary, Lavita, Japan, Lithuania, Norway, Singapore, Sweden and Bangladesh.

Art Exhibition currently on at Camelback Gallery in United States.
From Tuesday 05 July 2022 to Wednesday 05 October 2022

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Published by Camelback Gallery on Tuesday 05 July 2022.
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Andre Boto

Penny Soto

Helena Cocentino, Bobby Kim Ling Chen, Oenone Hammersley, Nemo Niemann, Michael J. Rosen, Mehdi Babadi, Mary Alice Orito, Németh Rezsőné, Loretta Barra, Ken Kochakji, Doreen Renner, DeeAnn Pershin

Victoria A Peterson, Pat Saunders White, Sigita Lapina, Adrian Maull, Frankie Jean Koger, Debbie Mueller, David LaPalombara, Leah Dockrill, Christine Foster (2), Carol McDonald, Brett Nickell, Bob Fesser, Andrea Mulcahy, Anita Pistor, Andre Boto, Aki Kano, Elle Cee, Ailton Demarqui Alves, Yuho Chang, A. Debra R. Schwalm, Xiao Wang, Violet Ivanova, Wenli Yang, Valerie Ostenak, Tomas Lagunavicius, Toni Hertzler, Tanya Holden, Ted Herman, So Young Cho, Sharron Demarest, Seth Collier, Richard Condlyffe, Phan Hien, Renee DiNapoli, Patti Resso, Patricia V Lewis, Nancy Breiman, Michele Doucette, Melina Cossio, Massimo Nuzzolo, Marjorie Moskowitz, Hanne Margaretha Biedilæ, Uniara, Mahfuzur Rahman, Linda McCord, L Daniels, Lillianne Daigle, Kim Perdue, Ken Kochakji, Kathy Granger Tucker, Joye DeGoede, Karen Romani, John H Diephouse, Helena Cocentino, Jeff Moscow, Joe Calleri, Janet Blumenthal, Isabel Henn, Figgy O’Connell, Gabriela Thiecke, Elizabeth Kayl, Dina Klumbys, Duane Cacali