Flower Power 2022 Visual Arts Exhibition

Artists represented in this show are from the USA, Canada, Australia, Hungary, Guatemala, Riga, France and China. Thank you to all that participated in this event & congratulations to the award recipients.

The artwork for this exhibition was selected by Jury from Camelback Gallery's annual Flower Power International Juried Visual Arts Competition. The jurors selected artwork based on theme, originality, quality of work and technical skill. Jurors: Kathy Paulus, Kathy Wilson Moore, Marie McCallum, Kassandra Kaye.

Art Exhibition currently on at Camelback Gallery in United States.
From Sunday 24 July 2022 to Monday 24 October 2022

Artist Svona Yankle, Photography image

Published by Camelback Gallery on Sunday 24 July 2022.
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Ricky Montilla

Svona Yankle

Diane Morgan, Valerie Ostenak, Greta McGee, Tami Bannister, Diana Fernandez Vasquez, Pat Goslee, Penny Soto Rocha, Michelle Reeves, Michelle Kwon, Lynn Kibbe, Christopher Forslund, A. Debra R. Schwalm

Jim Kallenbach, Janet Geissler, Jeanye Mercer, Hilary Gomes, Ilze Egle, Glenn Ostle, George G. Facelo, Elizabeth Kayl, Elena Golubkova, Edit Zs.Toth, Cindy Beacham, Christine Foster, Bob Fesser, Cherie Burbach, Cherie Davis, Ann James Massey, Aaron S. Fink, Anastasia Zielinski, Veronica Russo, Tanya Holden, Sumi, Shannon Taggart, Shalini Pachauli, Haley Sullivan, William Dubocq, Selene Paschoal, Sara Markese, Sandra Cantrell, Roni Ben-Nun, Robert Bolla, Renee Donley, Patricia V. Lewis, Nina Dussault, Nikki Coulombe, Oenone Hammersley, Nancy Palmisano, Nancy Breiman, Nancy Breakstone, Michelle Reeves, Mary Jane Cogan, Marissa Leigh Cook, Marleen Vicary, Mandy Klauck, Marjorie Moskowitz, Marie Walsh DeStefano, Maki Nakane, Lupina Poi Haney, Kimberly Egarian, Lucy Dickens (2), Louis Surma (2), Kim Perdue, Lisa Whitbeck, Kelley Batson Howard, Kelly Guerra, Jose Cardenas, Kathy Corey, Karen Romani, John H Diephouse (2), Kathleen Rietz, Jules Lafferty, Joe Calleri