J. Mane Gallery is pleased to present its 4th H2O International Online Juried Art Exhibition.

Art Exhibition previously on at J. Mane Gallery in United States.
From Saturday 01 January 2022 to Saturday 01 January 2022

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Published by J Mane Gallery on Saturday 06 August 2022.
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“The heart of a man is much like the sea. It has it’s storms, it has it’s tides and in it’s depths it has it’s pearls too.”~Vincent van Gogh

Water is one of the most important elements for sustaining human life. We live on a water planet. It surrounds us, and we cannot live without it.

We invited artists to submit work where water was the focus. All artists over the age of 18, regardless of location or experience, were encouraged to submit their best art and photography.

Each of our themed exhibitions, awards for First, Second and Third Place. The First Place winner for the 4th H2O show is Raymond Enriquez for his photograph, Crystal Wall. Raymond captured the essence of the theme and his excellent command of the medium and composition are what set his work apart. Raymond is also the Featured Artist for the next four weeks.

Taking Second Place is Elizabeth Kayl for her photo, Fenced In. Elizabeth managed to capture water in a beautiful and abstract way. You can feel the movement of the water in her image. This creativity and originality is what makes this an excellent image. And, Third Place goes to Susan Phillips for her photo, Snow. She took the theme in a different direction by capturing water in a different form.

Honorable Mention awards were given as well. Honorable Mention awards go to Nikki Coulombe for her watercolor, Stormy Oregon Coast, Myrta Kohler for her cyanotype, Falling, Margaret Lloyd for her oil painting, Poseidon, Maria Puma Perme for her photograph, Centered Sunrise, Wen Redmond for her photograph, Leaves Under Ice and Vasu Tolia for her mixed media, Calm. All of our Honorable Mention winners represented water in a unique way. Please visit the Monthly Winners Page to learn more about each of these award winning artists and to contact them directly about their work.

We thank all the competition participants.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the artwork in this exhibition, please contact the artists directly. J. Mane Gallery does not enter into the selling of artwork featured in any of the monthly online exhibitions. You will find the artist’s website or email by clicking on their images below.

Thank you for visiting our website and enjoy the exhibition!