What the Body Knows (but may have forgotten)

free four day Festival - Art, Installations, Music and Performance

Max Dingle OAM and Natalie McDonagh PhD are delighted to present a free, four-day arts festival, What the Body Knows (but may have forgotten) with a small company of artists, performers and musicians who blend every art form.

Art Exhibition previously on in Australia.
From Friday 30 September 2022 to Monday 03 October 2022

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Published by Avatar69 on Sunday 21 August 2022.
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What the Body Knows (but may have forgotten) has sixteen elements in its program. These include Resurrecting Romance and What Lies Beyond, major art installations with accompanying performances. There are works made for audience participation, such as: consulting Yak Woman Oracle in her Sanctum; stitching a communal cloth exploring how we are Planted Here; adding to the forest of ribbons in ghost trees, an installation capturing what counts most to us. There are some works that only come into existence when a
visitor sets them in motion: a kitchen table conversation with The Funeral Singer; Still Breathing, a collaborative soundscape visitors create with The Breath of Time, and Artist. Action. Reaction. that needs a visitor to pick a postcard artwork and trigger an action by one of The Players.
Max Dingle, The Romantic Boy and Natalie McDonagh, The Strange Girl, are joined by fellow Shoalhaven artists: Barbara Dawson, The Stitcher; Deb Grahame, She of The Keys; Megan Kovalik, The Breath of Time; Greer Taylor, She of the Trees; Annette Tesoriero, The Funeral Singer; Ini Veerkamp, Love & Laughter, and The Cellist, Karella Mitchell making a guest appearance.


Huskisson Community Center, Dent Street, Huskisson NSW 2540 Australia