De Rerum Natura : The Nature of Things

Ronald Forbes

An exhibition of new work produced during his time as Leverhulme Artist-in-Residence at the Scottish Crop Research Institute, Dundee.

Art Exhibition previously on in United Kingdom.
From Monday 16 February 2009 to Friday 08 May 2009

Adam and Eve: Knowledge Transfer image

Published by anonymous on Friday 30 January 2009.
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The art of Ronald Forbes forms a narrative around the way we see and understand the world. It is about illusion, belief and reality – and the fuzzy edges between these. This new body of work comprises a number of large paintings, some unique digital-collage prints and a film.

Forbes set out in his residency at SCRI to create a new body of work, based on his observations, that would celebrate the work of the scientist. Over a period of months he engaged in a series of dialogues with a wide range of scientists. In the process he learned much about the complex world of science, saw the world afresh, quite literally, through the confocal microscope, saw the processes of DNA analysis and observed the new disciplines such as informatics without which new genetics research could not form the patterns of information that offer us understanding.

The experience was not only one of revelation, but also of confirmation. Obtuse points and apparently irrelevant aspects engaged as much as the core of material he observed and discussed. He became fascinated by the relative scale of the component parts of tissue when beyond the visible, and recognised how dependent we are in the realm of our senses on an understanding of the relationship of scale in the world around us.