2022 Artwork of the Year "Awakenings"

Artist Bonnie's Sheckter artwork titled "Awakenings" has been selected by jury for the 2022 Artwork of the Year Award.

'Awakenings".  by Artist Bonnie Sheckter.  All rights reserved.  United States  2023.

Each year the top awarded artworks (Best in Show and 1st Place) are entered into the Artwork of the Year competition. For 2022, the jurors reviewed 30 artworks. The artwork was chosen based on the criteria of concept, composition, value, color, technique, depth of vibrancy and overall impact of the art. Bonnie's artwork "Awakenings" received the highest # of votes! Congratulations Bonnie!

Art Exhibition currently on at Camelback Gallery in United States.
From Sunday 15 January 2023 to Sunday 31 December 2023

Medium: Colored Pencil

“This drawing is one of a series I did of my friend’s daughter Olivia. So taken was I with her charming personality, wonderfully expressive face and mane of wild, curly hair. I devised dramatic shadows to create a heightened sense of narrative.” Bonnie

Jurors: Filipe Assunção, Marie McCallum, Kathy Moore Wilson, Kathy Paulus, Kassandra Kaye

​Congratulations to all of our 2022 Top Award Recipients. Learn more about Bonnie, see all of the artworks entered in the link provided below.

Art Event published by Camelback Gallery on Sunday 15 January 2023.
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