Lǐ Xīng Yǔ - Echo Li: warmest regards x

An exhibition of works by Lǐ Xīng Yǔ - Echo Li

When you realise your pain is not special at all, it is only the kind of pain mass-produced by Chineseness, the pain has just begun.

Art Exhibition currently on at BLINDSIDE in Flinders Lane precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 01 February 2023 to Saturday 25 February 2023
Launch Thursday 02 February 2023, 6 - 8pm

Lǐ Xīng Yǔ (Echo). warmest regards x. 2023. Neon, 24.1 x 90 cm. Lyrics from Curtain Call by Andrea Ambrosini image

Event published by anonymous on Friday 20 January 2023.
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My obsession with love is one of the consequences of Chinese propaganda, and the obsession produces pain. Craving for the pain which drags me back and forth, thinking about love and pain as an immigrant in Australia. Over the past 2 years this project led me to write and research about my love life and break-ups, was driven by the desire of madness, but not any more. 

No longer drive into the black hole, I sit alongside, with warmest regards, to one’s also trying to, Love better.

Opening Thursday 02 February 6-8pm