Somatic Poetry Workshop with Shannon May Powell

You are welcome to join us for Body as the Site of the Artwork, a somatic poetry workshop at BLINDSIDE on Saturday 25th February 12-2pm.

Register for the workshop via the weblink.

Art Exhibition coming up at BLINDSIDE in Flinders Lane precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 25 February 2023 to Saturday 25 February 2023

Shannon May Powell, Somatic Poetry Workshop, 2022. Photo documentation of workshop. Courtesy Potato Head artist residency and the artist. image

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Shannon May Powell will host a free workshop exploring embodied storytelling and the body as the site or ‘happening’ of the artwork. The workshop will use sensory somatic experiencing techniques, active imagination and contemplative practices to access memory, storytelling and poetic prose.

Memory is the selection of images, affect and narrative. Each image, story or sensory experience is contained within the body-mind library. This workshop will put us in the practice of remembering the stories and resources we hold inside.

This workshop is part of the exhibition, Emotional Marble Memory, which is a poetry performance and video artwork that studies the history of classical marble sculpture, and the body as kinetic sculpture — a living, breathing subject rather than an object. Exploring themes of gender and sexuality and problematising how the colonial patriarchal gaze has historically perceived the body and gender as a fixed and inanimate object rather than an animate subject, and how this gaze extends to the living landscape and the extraction of natural resources such as marble.

Somatic Poetry Workshop Saturday 25 February 12-2pm

Register for the workshop via the weblink.


Blindside Gallery