Welcome Rick Heck!

Rick recently applied for Camelback Gallery's one-year online gallery artist designation. His artwork was juried and selected! Congratulations Rick and welcome to Camelback Gallery!

Artist locale: Gilbert, AZ, USA. Style of work: Abstract. Subject matter: Landscapes and seascapes. Medium: Acrylic.

Art Exhibition currently on at Camelback Gallery in United States.
From Wednesday 01 February 2023 to Wednesday 31 January 2024

Event published by Camelback Gallery on Wednesday 01 February 2023.
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“Painting is my passion. I use brushes, sponges, trowels, spatulas, knives, and many other objects to move paint around and to give the painting its texture. Whether it be landscape, seascape or abstract, my joy is seeing the shapes evolve into pleasing passages that fire the imagination of the viewer and capture the spirit it evokes.” Rick