The Elysian Fields

The Elysian Fields is a multi-medium installation presenting contemporary interpretations of ‘Paradise’ in relation to the politics of place.

Art Exhibition previously on at Counihan Gallery In Brunswick in Brunswick precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 04 February 2023 to Sunday 26 March 2023

Setareh Hosseini. Illusion, 2019. Video still. Edition of 3. Courtesy the artist image

Event published by Counihan Gallery on Saturday 11 February 2023.
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‘The Elysian Fields’ brings two video works together, ‘Elusive Paradise’ (2018) and ‘Elysium’ (2021). The works explore the Persian roots of the word Paradise, as well as the lives of two women born in 1984, Iran. Both women are in search of a paradise: one in an Iranian garden, and the other through migration to Australia.​

The women traverse between private and public realms, narrating their lives as they move between urban and rural landscapes. They describe the patriarchal laws and social, political, religious, superstitious and cultural upheavals that have impacted them.

Basseghi combines documentary film and narrative video art practices to present multiple perspectives. The viewer moves between the snow-blanketed landscape of the Iranian winter to the dry heat of an Australian summer. Through factual, fictional, mystical, and dreamlike imagery influenced by Persian mythology, the perspectives are linked by a garden (Pairidaeza) and a river.

Exhibition Design by Ehsan Khoshnami.
Performances by actor Salme Geransar and courageous women of Iran.
Music composition by Ai Yamamoto.

This exhibition is presented in association with International Women’s Day.


Counihan Gallery, 233 Sydney Road (inside Brunswick Town Hall), Brunswick