Minuscule/Massive/En Masse

Experimental formatting of an experimental text.

Minuscule/Massive/En Masse 27th Jan-28th March. The new exhibition is a playful experiment based around the experimental text 'Alley Cat Nomad', by Adrian Lawson.

Art Exhibition previously on at Hand Held Gallery in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 27 January 2009 to Saturday 28 March 2009

Minuscule/Massive/En Masse image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 03 February 2009.
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The text, grammar and language of ‘Alley Cat’ is playful, rhythmic and unique and so too its bindings and reproductions should be rich with interpretation and play. In this exhibition the book is presented in 8 different formats; blown up to a massive poster-sized wall work, shrunk into a 1000page minuscule book, wound onto a scroll, folded and stretched into long long concertina books and winding through a labyrinth on the wall.


Suite 18, the Paramount Centre
108 Bourke street, Melbourne