Gallery Ring awards Liane Bedard a Diamond Award of Excellence!

Congratulations to Liane Bedard for winning one of three DIAMOND AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE in the prestigious BEST IN SHOW EVENT 2023! This event was exclusive to all the "Best In Show" winners of 2022.

"Grapes and Fringe" -- Watercolour

Art Event currently on at Gallery Ring in United States.
From Wednesday 01 March 2023 to Friday 31 March 2023

Gallery Ring awards Liane Bedard a Diamond Award of Excellence! image

Event published by anonymous on Wednesday 01 March 2023.
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GRAPES AND FRINGE enters and then exits the traditional, still life stage. It chooses instead to exist and develop where space is opened and handled in a divergent system, which demands a novel and exotic arrangement of objects. Gone is the standard presentation with the requisite, horizontal break between the counter and the problematic, empty background, where unrelated and awkward drapery might be found hanging against its will. With disregard for gravity, this counter tips upright toward the viewer to vanquish superfluous space and proudly show off its exquisite, floral design. This trick creates a flat backdrop against which the blue vase on the top right will certainly slide down to the bottom at any moment. Independent grapes supply organic and juicy matter for visual hydration and the diaphanous fabric enables its tassels to tickle the solid, inflexible vessels which are a little uneasy with such flirtatious conduct. Shadows show up and get what they want from the masterful, spatial settlement in this thrilling and magnificent painting.” — GALLERY RING JUROR