The Floating Edge

Jess MacNeil

Situated at the border zones of contiguity between the individual and the city, this exhibition negotiates the interplay between physical and psychological space and the resonances of ephemeral experience.

Art Exhibition previously on at Gallery Barry Keldoulis in Waterloo precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Thursday 12 February 2009 to Saturday 14 March 2009
Launch Thursday 12 February 2009, 11am - 6pm

Parallax Float (Lambeth Bridge) image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 04 February 2009.
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Drawing on recent personal experience living in the London and travel further afield and closer to home, the work traces the movement of bodies through space, and the pliancy of space as it is traversed over time, translating these into manipulations of paint and digital video.

A cartography of disorientation emerges; a succession of possible understandings of place, space, temporal experience, the mutability of matter, the effects of motion, the shifting perspective of the subject.

Understanding is not equated with categorization or the imposition of limits. Instead, these attempts to make visual sense embrace nonsense, confusion, mutability.


285 Young Street