Gallery Ring awards Sihua Liu a Diamond Award of Excellence!

Congratulations to Sihua Liu for winning one of three DIAMOND AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE in the prestigious BEST IN SHOW EVENT 2023! This event was exclusive to all the "Best In Show" winners of 2022.

"Gentle Scarf" -- Graphite on paper

Art Event currently on at Gallery Ring in United States.
From Sunday 05 March 2023 to Wednesday 05 April 2023

Gallery Ring awards Sihua Liu a Diamond Award of Excellence! image

Event published by anonymous on Monday 06 March 2023.
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GENTLE SCARF is an infrequent meeting of superlative skill and a breathtaking composition on the same piece of paper at the same time. When these two forces become associates and shake hands in agreement then exceptional and true art happens. The uncommon choice of a lengthy, landscape orientation for a portrait and the placement of the subject off-centre creates an imbalance which is visually stirring and dramatic. The dark foliage in dappled light actually competes for attention and is an equal participant in the mysterious and intriguing narrative which leaves the viewer longing to understand where this young woman is, who she is, what she is hiding from and what kind of game she is playing. The black and white complexion enhances the alluring, secretive spirit found in this irresistible and excellent artwork.” — GALLERY RING JUROR