Gallery Ring awards Lance Bukove a Diamond Award of Excellence!

Congratulations to Lance Bukove for winning one of three DIAMOND AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE in the prestigious BEST IN SHOW EVENT 2023! This event was exclusive to all the "Best In Show" winners of 2022.

"Tai Shan #2" -- Watercolour, ink, coloured pencil

Art Event currently on at Gallery Ring in United States.
From Tuesday 14 March 2023 to Saturday 15 April 2023

Gallery Ring awards Lance Bukove a Diamond Award of Excellence! image

Event published by anonymous on Tuesday 14 March 2023.
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TAI SHAN #2 is worth the climb. Heaven is out of breath too after beating the viewer to the top and winning the magnificent temple in the centre as the prize. A closer look at this tiered structure with narrow, tall arches however, reveals it is unsteady with unfastened, fragments separating and floating upward like steps to the sky. Its hollow, vague and incomplete form, its similarity to the surrounding landscape and its partial immersion in a misty halo indicate that rather than a concrete, operational facility it is instead only the suggestion of a temple and is a symbolic representation of the spiritual contact and elevation historically made during worship at the summit of this sacred mountain. Immense, rock formations in bright, unrealistic colours with mist cascading down them and over the persistent vegetation produce visual vitality and intensity to match the powerful experience of meeting eternity. Imagination is out of breath too after beating artistic skill to the top by a split second and winning the best sacrificial offerings as the prize. It is all recorded for the next 3000 years in a ceremonial, stone inscription in this awesome, staggering and sterling artwork.” — GALLERY RING JUROR