Our Small Terrain

Our Small Terrain explores Kato's ongoing interest in the question: What is waste?

Art Exhibition coming up at Counihan Gallery In Brunswick in Brunswick precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 15 July 2023 to Saturday 26 August 2023
Launch Saturday 15 July 2023, 2pm

 Pulp Fiction, 2011 image Pulp Fiction, 2011 image Pulp Fiction, 2011 image

Event published by Counihan Gallery on Sunday 19 March 2023.
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Chaco Kato’s art practice exists as suite of encounters with new spatial situations, new social contexts and new materials and processes.

‘Our Small Terrain’ explores Kato’s ongoing interest in the question: What is waste? She explores the border between art and non-art, natural and man-made. She investigates where the boundary lies between controlled and uncontrolled.

Kato’s practice attends to ongoing processes as part of the generative system of organisms and human life, where everything exists in a state of impermanency and flux. Kato narrates this through the process of collecting pips and pulp, plants, mycelium and roots, along with weaving and making paper by hand.

Kato explores the ecology of the organic cycle, birth to death and rebirth. She seeks to portray the simultaneous fragility and strength of life and the unstable relationship between the natural world and humanity.

Accessibility information
This exhibition includes sound. Due to the varied sensory experience on display, this exhibition may be a difficult environment for visitors who experience sensory overload.


Counihan Gallery, 233 Sydney Road (inside Brunswick Town Hall), Brunswick