Enter the Twilight

By Cassandra Tytler, The Hunt Club Community Arts Centre

Enter the Twilight is a video and installation exploring the myths and magic that our daydreaming creates.

Art Exhibition previously on in Footscray precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 04 February 2009 to Friday 27 February 2009
Launch Wednesday 04 February 2009, Mon-Thurs 9am-8pm Fri 9am-5pm Sat 9am-1pm

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Published by ctytler on Thursday 05 February 2009.
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Enter the Twilight is a piece about imagination and the worlds we create for ourselves through fantasy and cultural myths. It explores notions of how individuals mythicise heroes, and further how they place themselves into these fantasies. Through this piece I am interrogating the individual’s take on mythic figures as I have done in previous work, but am also interested in focussing on how different cultural reference points can change or skew one’s ideas.

Enter the Twilight is a collaboration between myself and the performers on screen. They invented their characters, and then I wrote a story around everything they had invented, which they then acted out on screen. This was a very enjoyable project to work on. The enthusiasm and good-will of everyone involved – from the performers, costume and make-up people, to the technical personnel and sound person – was inspiring.


The Hunt Club Community Arts Centre
775 Ballarat Rd
Deer Park