Art Exhibition | Places We Live | Online Exhibition

Monthly exhibition juried by Gallery Omata an online platform showcasing exceptional artists.

The exhibition includes artists from around the world who submitted artworks in response to the theme Places We Live.

Art Exhibition currently on at Gallery Omata in Hong Kong.
From Sunday 01 January 2023 to Wednesday 01 January 2025

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Event published by Gallery Omata on Saturday 08 April 2023.
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Our precious environment inspires artists the world over. Whether urban, industrial or natural landscapes the exploration of the places we live offers a welcome moment for creative expression. And as we live in the 21st century we are no longer limited to exploring only the earth, space also beckons to us. The tradition of interpreting landscapes stretches back through time with artists choosing to express themselves in many different forms. Through painting, photography, land art, sculpture, installations and now digital art artists channel their ideas into the works they create. To capture your interpretation of a landscape, imaginary or real, is the challenge we invite you to explore. We extend our gratitude to every artist for accepting the challenge, and their willingness to share in the community building at Gallery Omata. Thank you for your interest in their work.

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