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Announcing the winners of the Best in Show Award & Director's Choice Award & Honorable Mention for Games We Play. Best in Show: Don Berglund Director's Choice: Ronald Walker Honorable Mention: Lydia Law Li.

When we see the play bow of our canine companions or hear the urging of children to 'come & play' we are reminded to let go of our serious side for a time and let loose. For this exhibition we are giving you permission to ‘go play’ and free your imagination to express itself with creative abandon. Congratulations to all the artists whose work is included in the Games We Play exhibition!

Art Exhibition currently on at Gallery Omata in Hong Kong.
From Friday 14 April 2023 to Sunday 14 April 2024

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Event published by Gallery Omata on Saturday 15 April 2023.
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In the Games We Play exhibition we invited artists to have some fun & we were not disappointed. From a sneaky Devon Rex cat in vibrant green to an installation made from toy soldiers we enjoyed selecting the winners but we also appreciated how each artist embraced the theme. Congratulations to all of the artists. It was a challenge to make the final selection.

Best in Show: Don Berglund
Director’s Choice: Ronald Walker
Honorable Mention: Lydia Law Li

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