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Unleash Your Subconscious: How Your Dreams Can Inspire Your Greatest Works of Art - Explore the power of dreaming and how it can enhance your creative vision with Gallery Omata. We are now accepting entries for our online exhibition.

Awards & Prizes: Award 1: Best in Show US$175 cash, promotion on our website & Instagram Award 2: Directors Choice US$75 cash, published on Artist of the Month page, promotion on our website & Instagram Award 3: Curator's Choice Interview (value US$75) published on Curator's Choice page, promotion on our website & Instagram Finalists : receive promotion on our website & Instagram

Art Opportunity previously on at Gallery Omata in Hong Kong.
From Monday 01 May 2023 to Thursday 01 June 2023

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Event published by Gallery Omata on Sunday 07 May 2023.
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Dreaming can serve as a powerful tool for nurturing creativity, and it’s something artists are often experienced at. While some artists may not recall their dreams, it doesn’t mean their subconscious isn’t brimming with essential processes, from processing information to providing dynamic, new ideas. Our dreams can even offer insight into our own art, uncovering hidden messages that help spur on new creative endeavors.

The characters we see in our dreams are often reflective of different aspects of ourselves, and exploring these appearances and the symbols behind them can lead to new discoveries and deepen our connection with our art. Many artistic greats, like Salvador Dali and Shakespeare, have used their dreamscapes as inspiration while others, like Joan MirĂ³, found guidance through waking reveries. The exhibition Dreaming of You invites artists to indulge in their dream life fully asleep or wide awake!

Gallery Omata believes in the power of this subconscious inspiration and encourages every artist to tap into these vast stores of creative potential. If you’ve ever felt a spark of creativity after a moment of drifting off or recall visions of that help inform your works, then it’s time to explore your dreams and see where they take you. Let the expansion of your imagination and the unveiling of your subconscious begin!

Entries close: 31 May 2023

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