Call for Entries | Stepping Out | Online Exhibition

Stepping Out: An Exhibition Celebrating Creativity and Originality - Gallery Omata invites artists of all levels to showcase their true expression with an open theme exhibition.

Gallery Omata is now accepting entries to our online exhibition that empowers artists to push beyond their comfort zones and reach a wider audience. Step out and take your art to the next level with Stepping Out! Read on to see awards and opportunities.....

Art Opportunity currently on at Gallery Omata in Hong Kong.
From Monday 01 May 2023 to Saturday 01 July 2023

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Event published by Gallery Omata on Sunday 07 May 2023.
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Award 1: Best in Show US$175 cash, promotion on our website & Instagram
Award 2: Directors Choice US$75 cash, published on Artist of the Month page, promotion on our website & Instagram
Award 3: Curator’s Choice Interview (value US$75) published on Curator’s Choice page (see URL below), promotion on our website & Instagram
Finalists : receive promotion on our website & Instagram

Join Gallery Omata in the upcoming Stepping Out exhibition, celebrating creativity and originality with an open theme for artists to showcase their true expression. Let go of your inhibitions and push the boundaries of your medium, explore new techniques and themes for a chance to showcase your unique voice to a wider audience. Whether you’re an established artist or just starting out, this exhibit is an opportunity for you to showcase your artistic expression and reach a wider following. Step out and take your art to the next level with Stepping Out!

Media: All media except video will be considered including 2D & 3D work, painting, sculpture, works on paper, printmaking, photography and mixed media.

Deadline: Entries close 30 June 2023.

Fees: US$40 for 6 images US$30 for 3 images US$20 for 1 image

Image format : jpegs at least 1500px on longest dimension of the image

File size maximum 5MB per image

See artist interviews on Curator’s Choice page here: