New Figuration

James Makin Gallery

New Figuration 29th January 2009 - 14th February 2009 A group exhibition of artists exploring the figure.

Art Exhibition previously on in Australia.
From Thursday 29 January 2009 to Saturday 14 February 2009

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Published by anonymous on Tuesday 10 February 2009.
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Includes works by Elizabeth BARNETT, Eolo Paul BOTTARO, Godwin BRADBEER, Jazmina CININAS, Dagmar CYRULLA, Damon KOWARSKY, Jeremy KIBEL, Madeleine GOODWOLF, Rona GREEN, Greg HARRISON, David LARWILL, Anthony LISTER, Jeffrey MAKIN, Mitch McAULEY, John OLSEN, Mandy RENARD, Mark SCHALLER, Michael SCHLITZ, Gria SHEAD, Sophia SZILAGYI, Mark VISIONE, Fred WILLIAMS, Nicole WELCH and more….

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