Art Exhibition | Jeff Newman | Solo Exhibition

Jeff Newman is an artist based in the United States whose work has been exhibited in New York galleries and pop-up shows.

Newman's paintings fuse cubism, surrealism, and impressionism with a personalized sensibility and academic techniques. His expert use of light, dimension, and hue sparks an emotional response, resulting in a captivating and engaging visual experience.

Art Exhibition currently on at Gallery Omata in Hong Kong.
From Wednesday 24 May 2023 to Friday 24 May 2024

Jeff Newman Museum of Dreams image Jeff Newman Banquet at the Nightmare image Jeff Newman Concerto Dream image

Event published by Gallery Omata on Friday 26 May 2023.
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Gallery Omata is excited to introduce Jeff Newman’s solo exhibition Dreamscapes.

“My lucid dreams play out in vivid colors, while color does not seem to play a role in my regular dreams. The lucid dreams combine strange interpretations of life events with notable emotions. Sometimes dramatic, other times more subtle but always in color.

I used a range of pigments with specific qualities from the CYMK color space as my palette for the Dream series of paintings. This color space helps achieve the other-worldly quality of the colors in my lucid dreams.

Combining this palette with surrealism, expressionism, and touches of cubism laid down with impressionist brush strokes displays my dreams for the viewer to feel." Jeff Newman 2023

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