Figurative-Portrait 2023 International Juried Art Awards

Thank you to all that participated in this event & congratulations to the award recipients! The artwork for this exhibition has been selected and voted on by three jurors based on theme, quality of work and technical skill.

Arella Tomlinson image
Arella Tomlinson.  Gold Award Recipient.  All rights reserved.  United States  2023.

UR #1 PRIORITY IS TO PROMOTE ARTISTS! Best in Show receives 3-month main page slider promotion at CB, published artwork at, news story at, entry into CB’s Artwork of the Year Award and cash award. Other awards include a 3-month virtual exhibition, social media exposure for all, to 14 award video + award certificates.

Art Exhibition currently on at Camelback Gallery in United States.
From Saturday 09 September 2023 to Saturday 09 December 2023

Julie Denoncourt

Arella Tomlinson, Connie DeLuca, Crystal James, John Schaeffer

Aimée Jeanne Bourgon, Cher Pruys, Crystal James, Jane Romanishko, Joe Maibach, Joel Mitnick, Linda McCord, Teresa Lind, Zhu Junhe

Aaron Krone, Arthi Arumugam, Beth Vieira, Bruce Macdonald, Bryan Sanders, Cathy Dunn, Cher Pruys, Danila Tramacere, Emily Bolton, Erna van Lith, Guy Munsch, Heidi Weaver (2), Ira DellaMonica, Jane Romanishko, Joel Mitnick, Joel R. Armstrong, John Schaeffer, Karen Dearden, Kay Ross, Kelly Ferguson, Marcie Serber, Mentwab Easwaran, Meyriel Edge, Nasim Nourian, Natalie O. Timmons, Okaasan, Sheryl Unwin, Veronica Lozano, Xiao Shuocong, XIONG YANTENG

Adrian Morris, Aimée Jeanne Bourgon, Amita Singha, Anshu Joshi, Carli Cardillo, Claudia Polese, Danila Tramacere, Dominique Therrien, Dorothy Leone Wilson, Elaine Ma, Ellen Taylor, Emily Bolton, Emily Lewis, J Vincent Devine, James Jennings, Janet Whitehead, Jason Petras, Jenny Chernansky, Jyoti Anant, Kay Witt, Lauren Grisoni, Linda McCord, Linda Paul Sontag, Mark Kaufman, Mary F Vivo, Michelle L Sullivan, Nasim Nourian, Noah Dahlien, OKAN BOYDAŞ, Patricia Hochhhaus, Richard Wortzel, Robin Rudolph, Steffi Rodigas, Steve Traversi, Xiao Shuocong, XIONG YANTENG

Art Event published by Camelback Gallery on Saturday 09 September 2023.
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