Sam Haycroft:

Sam Haycroft:

Questionable words from the artist himself:

Art Exhibition previously on at Guildford Lane Gallery (Closed) in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 18 February 2009 to Sunday 08 March 2009
Launch Thursday 19 February 2009, Opening Party: Thursday FEB 19. 6pm.

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Published by Guildford Lane Gallery on Tuesday 17 February 2009.
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Sam Haycroft is barely known for his role as guitarist/percussionist/backing vocalist/trouser-trumpeter in alternative cerebral rock band Sydonia. He can rarely be found with his brother Matt and Sean Bailey, the drummer of Sydonia, playing about in their side-project, I am Duckeye. He is even less contactable via his art-rock project with fellow painter/guitarist Julian Medor in Afterwhite. He’s pretty much non-existant in his own music, Gustoclout.

His artwork can be found in the homes of performers such as Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil, James Root and Corey Taylor of Stone Sour/Slipknot, Randy Blythe of Lamb of God and comedian Arj Barker. These collectors and more span from Norway to Italy to the USA to New Zealand to all over Australia and beyond.

His style is best questioned by his mother in pure motherly fashion… “Why is it always so morbid? Are you unhappy, son?” “it’s not quite my cup of tea.” “Ohh, it’s horrible, take it away!” “Why all the dark themes…is it because of all the beatings you received as a child?” Sure, she may be worried, but she is way off the mark. Sam’s work is rarely over-thought in its approach and is merely a relaxing form of expression that tends to be playfully disturbing for his own twisted entertainment.


20-24 Guildford Lane VIC Australia 3000
PO Box 12179 a’Beckett St., Melbourne 3008
Ph: +61 3 9642 0042 / Mob: +61 0422 442 363
Melways ref: Map 1A J1

Opening Hours:
WED-FRI: 12pm-9pm
SAT-SUN: 12pm-5pm
MON-TUES: By Appointment Only.