Homicide Rumours

Norie Neumark, Maria Miranda in Intimate at Loop Space

Homicide Rumours: radiophonic piece installed for Intimate opening exhibition of Loop Space, Newcastle

Art Exhibition previously on in Newcastle precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Monday 23 February 2009 to Monday 23 March 2009

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Event published by anonymous on Monday 23 February 2009.
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Homicide Rumours

Homicide, an Australian TV series from the 1970s, is said to be the most important and most popular television drama series ever produced in Australia – set on the streets of Melbourne between 1964-76. The original episodes, in black and white, feature a pair of detective buddies, dressed sharply in thin 60s pants, ultra thin ties and black porkpie hats, driving their cars through the gritty urban streets of Melbourne.
Homicide Rumours is part of the ongoing project Museum of Rumour. It takes us back 40 years to those “same” Melbourne streets revisiting characters and scenes with a new twist. A mashup that both re-remembers a more intimate relationship and plays with that other genre of fan fiction – slash fiction.
Slash fiction is usually associated with science fiction fandom. It is a genre of fan fiction created by female fans of Star Trek in the early 1970s which re-interpreted the seeming platonic relationship between the Vulcan Spock and Captain Kirk (K/S) as a passionate homosexual relationship.


Loop Gallery Space
109 Hunter Street