The Bollingen Journey 1949–1956

Organized as a personal travelogue, this exhibition provides insight into world-renowned Japanese American artist Isamu Noguchi’s (1904–1988) sustained artistic and personal engagement with Asia. The Bollingen Foundation, with the support of Paul and Mary Conover Mellon, funded many projects, including the dissemination of Carl Jung’s essays and translations of early Asian texts.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, United States.
From Friday 30 January 2009 to Sunday 19 April 2009

Published by Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, NY on Friday 06 March 2009.
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The foundation awarded Noguchi several fellowships to travel to India, Indonesia, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and elsewhere. A selection of his travel photographs capture civic and archaeological sites as well as daily rites and performance rituals. The exhibition includes a limited-edition Ivory Press book with original artwork and a text by Pico Iyer.

Co-organized by the Noguchi Museum and the Sackler Center for Arts Education