Josephine Kuperholz


Much like the museum, photography is a medium that conflates ideas of preservation and ephemerality, extinction and visibility. Josephine Kuperholz uses the photographic process as a form of enquiry.

Art Exhibition previously on at Gallery 101 (now closed) in Australia.
From Wednesday 03 June 2009 to Saturday 27 June 2009
Launch Thursday 04 June 2009, 10-5pm Tues-Fri 12-4pm Sat

Trapezites eliena, 2008 image

Published by Gallery 101 on Tuesday 10 March 2009.
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The images which make up the body of work entitled Blight have been created from photographs of endangered and vulnerable Australian insects. The Museum of Victoria’s Entomology Department allowed me to photograph the insects from their collection. From the silver gelatin photographs, I have created woven hand-coloured images.