MENG-SHU YOU Melting Down SHIAU-PENG CHEN I Don't Belong Here but There II

Immersion Therapy

A special two person show featuring the work of Taiwanese born artists Meng-Shu You (currently based in Sydney) and Shiau-Peng Chen (currently based in Melbourne). In their unique ways, both Melting Down and I Don't Belong Here but There II explore the social and political unrest currently being felt in Taiwan.

Art Exhibition previously on in Australia.
From Friday 13 March 2009 to Sunday 05 April 2009
Launch Friday 13 March 2009, 13 March: 6pm > 9pm Fridays: 12pm > 6pm Saturdays & Sundays: 12pm > 5pm Other times by appointment on 0401 183 875

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Published by anonymous on Tuesday 10 March 2009.
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In Melting Down, Meng-Shu You, currently a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney draws from her experiences of being based variously in Taiwan, the US and Australia in transforming the main space at Immersion Therapy into a mini retail precinct.

Making comment on the continual rise of ‘Global Culture’ at the expense of traditional cultures, Meng-Shu’s sculptural works create an economic and social smorgasbord of confused values in direct response to the growing commoditization of our society, the trend keenly being felt in Taiwan.

Adopting an approach of mass production to keep up with mass consumption, Meng-Shu’s work uses a mix of media to accentuate her use of ceramic. Media as disparate as wax, concrete and wood are transformed; cast and molded to be replicated at volume.

The sacred and profane are brought together, merging art and commerce and mirroring the values of the all powerful Global economy where religious and traditional motifs are of no more value than those of powerhouses like Coke, Nike and the Disney brand.

I Don’t Belong Here but There II

Melbourne based Shiau-Peng Chen addresses issues of Taiwanese cultural identity and displacement whilst drawing from her ongoing My China series.

Shiau-Peng’s trademark abstract and geometric work is fuelled by a strong sense of spatial awareness and a sensitivity to geographic and social placement.

With I Don’t Belong Here but There II, Shiau-Peng presents a unique reflection on ‘identity’ and the socio-political tensions that currently exist in North East Asia (particularly between China and her native Taiwan).

In the I Don’t Belong Here but There series of paintings, Shiau-Peng uses the map of China as the spring board from which she creates an abstract, temporal sequence that evolves through changing colors and arrangements, designed to symbolize the shifting political landscape of the area.

Who Am I? continues the emphasis on color symbolism and uses the portrait form to suggest an evolving process from monochrome arrangements to representational imagey. Ultimately the work never resolves our desire for an identifiable outcome, suggesting that there is more work that needs to be done, and that new possibilities still exist.

The infinite possibilities are further suggested with My China, To Be or Not to Be where the tactile nature of geometric wood blocks is exploited. Here viewers can assemble or scatter them, playing with the notions of significance, identity and of the possibilities of the shared future of China and Taiwan.