GCAS presents a new installation and video work entitled LACKNESS by Lou Hubbard, whose lateral and poetic approach to materials and their arrangements have received critical acclaim throughout Australasia.

Art Exhibition previously on at Gertrude Contemporary in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 06 March 2009 to Saturday 04 April 2009


Event published by anonymous on Wednesday 11 March 2009.
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“When I clapped eyes on the ring, a gift, it was an engorgement – gorgeous like a blood blister. And I knew I had to remove it from the head, like removing a tick from the family dog.”

Employing domestic and personal objects Hubbard constructs room-scape installations that appear to embody a hidden narrative as well as evoking visceral responses in the viewer. Through drawing attention to the formal, spatial and emotional properties of her chosen materials, Hubbard’s installations are both extremely tense and deeply reflective.

As a glass light shade and a cooking pot are inverted to become supports for a glass shower screen and floorlamp, the tension between transparency and illumination becomes acute. Described by Hubbard as “a spine of tumours under the lights of an operating theatre”, Hubbard invites the viewer to enjoy her objects free from any directed association. She allows them to become imbued with allegory and metaphor in a way that is as slippery and unconscious as the objects are fixed and concrete.

This beautiful articulation of constraint is accompanied by a catalogue, which employs the language of anatomical pathology to annotate the potential alive within these materials. Lou Hubbard received her MFA by research at RMIT University in 2001 and has participated in solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia as well as in Hong Kong, Edinburgh and New Zealand since 1977. She was a writer, director, and producer of documentaries, short drama and experimental works for cinema and television between 1983-1998.

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