Oscar Munoz

Mirror Image

Acclaimed as one of Latin America's most significant living artists, Oscar Muñoz alludes to 50 years of political and social turmoil in his native Columbia in this his first Australian solo exhibition. Described by the prestigious UK magazine Apollo as 'beautiful and mysterious, little miracles and apparitions' Muñoz's art raises questions about the nature of illusion, association and memory.

Art Exhibition previously on at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) in Perth precinct, Western Australia, Australia.
From Thursday 12 February 2009 to Sunday 05 April 2009

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 11 March 2009.
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Mirror Image features an eclectic range of objects and media including; camera-obscuras, burnt paper recreations of newspapers and video works. Astonishing and subtle Muñoz’s work possesses a transcendental quality that has transfixed audiences around the world.

Curator: Sebastian Lopez with Melanie Keen

Free Floor talk with exhibition Curator Sebastian Lopez
Thursday 12 February, 1pm
Central Galleries