Human Emotion Project - Italian screening


Human Emotion Project documented visually by international artists using film or video. Italian screening.

Art Exhibition previously on in Italy.
From Saturday 14 March 2009 to Sunday 15 March 2009

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Published by anonymous on Monday 16 March 2009.
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……Emotions are inherently difficult to explicate. How does one describe fear? We know it when we feel it but how can we share, through the paltry use of language, our experience of it? Moving images, mostly embellished with sound, extend the expressive possibilities beyond what can be accomplished through language or even static imagery. By employing the largest palette of creative possibilities, film and video artists from around the world strive to externalize those complex driving forces that we all enjoy and endure and that bind us, as humanity, together despite our differences…..

Brancaleone Club Rome – 14 marzo 2009
First Video Screenings from 23:00

Dvd 1 playlists italia
- Alberto Magrin “ The Crowing ”
- Antonella Pintus aka Anna Bolena “ The Trilogy of Pain ”
- Basmati (Saul Saguatti – Audrey CoÏaniz) “ Corpus- nobody ”
- Caterina Davinio “ Ma-mma ”
- Claudio Parentela °° 45 OVERWHElming RElics °°
- Dino Viani “ La Madonna del monte”
- Edoardo Baraldi “ Tre ”
- Fabio Fiandrini “ Ethos Antropoi Daimon”
- FlavioDBPIT “ Barbed wire ”
- Florido Rilli/Carlo Fatigoni “ P ”
- Gruppo Sinestetico “ Censored ”
- Lemeh42 “ Et Dukkejem (Doll’s house) “
- Marilena Vita “ Sick heart”
- Mauro Sambo “Automobile”
- Nicola Giunta “ Foggy mistake”
- Nicola Mette “ Sentimenti umani Umani sentimenti ”
- Paolo Bonfiglio “ Mater ”
- Sara Luraschi “ Denzkeit ”
- Xxena “ Un anno da Platano”

Dvd 2 playlists
- Michael Chang “concerto azzurro” Denmark
- Glenn Church “Fragility” UK
- Anders Weberg “Dejected” Sweden
- Richard Jochum “mama” USA
- Ebert Brothers “bluescape” germany
- Debbie Douez “sadness” Spain
- Wilfried Agricola de Cologne "Silent cry” Germany
- Alison Williams “Red yellow blue” RSA
- Adamo Macri “Slide” Canada/
- Niclas Hallberg “Fluid transfer” Sweden
- Masha Yozefpolsky “Deep freeze” Israel
- Richard Jochum “Home sweet home” USA
- Simone Stoll “Missing you” Germany
- Irina Gabiani “Samaia or Triamzikamno” Luxembourg
- Roy LaGrone “Smile beacon” usa, italy

Dvd 3 playlists
- Antonia Valero “Retrato” Spagna
- Bulent Bas “Emotions” Usa
- Curt Cloninger “Breathing in B Flat” Usa
- Elizabeth Miklavcic “A Time for Mourning…The Story of Iris Merryweather” Usa
- Eva Olgiati “Busy bee” Usa
- Heike Fiedler “li-/-ght” Ch
- Gili Avissar “ Self portrait-Dead artist” Israele
- Gwenn Joyaux “ojta” Argentina
- Haidji “Emotions“ Portogallo
- Larry Caveney “Arm Wresting Intervention” Usa
- João Ricardo “Scarleet”
- Margarida Paiva “Fragments from an Unknown woman” Portogallo
- Meri Nikula “Meditation”Norvegia
- Miri Nishri “Troubled Water” Israele
- Pekka Ruuska “EN Syö” Finlandia
- Rafiqul Shuvo "Germ free corrupted edit” Bangladesh
- Robertina Sebjanic “Bubble” Slovenia
- Xenia Vargova “TUTU” Portogallo