Everyday at Somedays

Ashley Scott, Lena Obergfell and Julie Vulcan

Somedays Gallery proudly presents three established Sydney artists excavating the extraordinary in the ordinary. A colourful mix of found-object sculpture, performance investigation and junkmail catalogues are investigated by artists Ashley Scott, Lena Obergfell and Julie Vulcan.

Art Exhibition previously on at Somedays Gallery in Surry Hills precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Wednesday 01 April 2009 to Monday 27 April 2009
Launch Wednesday 01 April 2009, 6-9pm

‘Mana Island, Viti Levu, Fiji’ image

Published by anonymous on Monday 23 March 2009.
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Ashley Scott visual artist and musician
Everyday media in the form of catalogues and TV form the stock samples that Ashley uses to unpack and then re-present, in a new spatial form. Eloquent line drawings of domestic products provide a memorial to every junkmail catalogue
delivered to his house. Rich tile images are formed from re-processing random TV footage via a computer.

Lena Obergfell visual artist
Everyday a journey of finding new objects and locations. Lena collects discarded items heavy with their history and narrative and manipulates them to find a new meaning and context. In
‘Skeeheaven’ a suitcase on springs serenely snores, while in a video entitled ‘Mana Island, Viti Levu, Fiji’ two ancient vacuum cleaners engage in the process of putting together a holiday jigsaw puzzle.

Julie Vulcan visual artist and performer
Everyday for a month in 2007, Julie tasked herself to leave a note in a public place and to take a random photo on her mobile phone. At the end of the day these two references were logged, resulting in a random collision of image and text. ’30 Whispers and other ordinary acts’ is part of a
practice that engages in acts with unknown outcomes, leaving trails and planting metaphorical seeds.


72b Fitzroy St
Surry Hills