by Laney Robinson & Helena Lloyd

coming this September 09.

Art Exhibition previously on at Percolator Gallery (Archived) in Australia.
From Wednesday 02 September 2009 to Tuesday 15 September 2009

Sing A Rainbow image

Event published by PercolatorGallery on Thursday 26 March 2009.
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Artist Statement:

I think of my work as ‘paper daydreams’, semi-autobiographical, playfully drawing on my everyday life as a mother of young children. Small daily actions and encounters feature large in my life, repetition a necessary part of each day. Household objects such as pegs, and children’s play inspire my artwork. Pegs as play – twirling, counting, sorting, clicking, throwing and just looking at pegs amuses my baby daughter just as it did my son.

“Delicates” is a group of work showing me at work and play, daydreaming all the while. Oh look, a rainbow…

Laney Robinson
August 2009