Photography from the Immersion Therapy Vault

An exhibition in which the photographic work of emerging photographer Firza Liyana is introduced with additional works drawn from the Immersion Therapy vault by Ying Ang, Geoff Burrows and DDV.

Art Exhibition previously on in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 17 April 2009 to Sunday 10 May 2009
Launch Friday 17 April 2009, Opening night: 6pm > 9pm and then; Fridays: 12 > 6pm Saturday & Sundays: 12 > 6pm Other times by appointment on 0401 183 875

Stocked image

Published by anonymous on Sunday 29 March 2009.
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Get ready to see the world through a few fresh sets of eyes.

Take yourself back to a moment where you perceived a camera as being more than just a daily plaything. Back to a time in your mind when it reigned as the conduit for a moment, a place, a feeling.

In Stocked, four photographers do more than just point and shoot.

They capture and move. They construct their own narratives, their own moments in time.

Like diplomats in their truest sense, they rely on their skill and tact in negotiating moments away as keepsakes of their own.

A diplomat’s daughter with a bulging passport; a lapsed image maker and self confessed Nipponphile; a rabid, roving photographer with a poet’s heart, and a committed, and an emerging image maker in constant battle with his day job are brought together to share the Immersion Therapy space.

Together, their images overlap, interweave and intersect, and in their own individual ways, leave signposts of the different journeys each has embarked on.

Underlying each work, is the conviction that no matter how moving an object, no other medium offers a sensation as visceral as photography.

Join us at the opening of this exhibition, Friday April 17 from 6pm > 9pm.
Exhibition continues through to May 10.


420 High Street, Northcote