Vanitas & Other Stories

by Cameron Anderson

Featuring new artworks by Cameron Anderson.

Art Benefit previously on at Percolator Gallery in Australia.
From Saturday 05 April 2008 to Sunday 20 April 2008
Launch Saturday 05 April 2008, 6pm

Prime image

Published by PercolatorGallery on Monday 30 March 2009.
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Artist Statement:

These latest series of works reveal a sliding and shifting aesthetics of cultural values and icons through a visual juxtapositioning of elements to create intrigue shifting from discarded wooden off cuts and ice-cream wrappers to highly prized collectable classic cars. These dislocated images – ice-cream wrapper, Ford Falcon GTHO , Optimus Prime, Beautiful girls, electrical power point, detritus and driftwood – combine to create a form of pastiche which seeks to highlight the tensions and connections between seemingly disparate cultural, historical visual objects and ideas.