Business As Usual by Margo Donoghue & Landscapes With A Water Theme by Jennifer McDowell

Joint exhibition

this May 2008

Art Exhibition previously on at Percolator Gallery in Australia.
From Wednesday 14 May 2008 to Wednesday 28 May 2008
Launch Saturday 17 May 2008, 6-9pm

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Published by PercolatorGallery on Tuesday 31 March 2009.
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Artist Statements:

“Business As Usual” by Margo Donoghue
April 2008

These paintings investigate aspects of female identity; the status and association of women in the workplace and social space.

A Brisbane office provided the inspiration for the ‘office’ leg paintings that explore the personalities and scenarios of an everyday working environment.

This series also observes social aspects of a working woman outside the workplace.

The lower level perspective captures a snapshot scene revealing part of a narrative; the viewer is left to apply his own interpretation.

“Landscapes With A Water Theme” by Jennifer McDowell
April 2008

A fundamental aspect of being human is our connection with the natural world, and how it is incorporated into our sense of self.

These paintings are about engaging with the landscape and how places can transport us emotionally and resonate as part of ourselves. The landscapes can dwell in the subconscious and often resurface in dreams.

I am interested in reinventing landscapes visited by drawing on my memory of these places and the emotion felt in these places. For me, interpreting the landscape provides a way of connecting my internal world with the external. I am interested in how a landscape, and particularly those containing bodies of water, can evoke an emotional response.