Humanist Transhumanist

The Surrealism of Lee-Anne Raymond & Demtetrios Vakras

Within the historic and industrial interiors of Guildford Lane Gallery it is the intention of the presentation to provide an alternative understanding of Surrealism, one that is outside the the historical constraint which sees the second world war as the terminus of the movement. It will be an unapologetic display of the surreal, the fantastic and symbolic with accompanying catalogue - manifesto.

Art Exhibition previously on in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 17 June 2009 to Sunday 05 July 2009
Launch Thursday 18 June 2009, 6-8pm

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Published by anonymous on Tuesday 31 March 2009.
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Opening night 18 June 2009

Surrealists Demetrios Vakras and Lee-Anne Raymond will exhibit existing, never exhibited, and new works created for “Humanist – Transhumanist”. The timing is to take advantage of the opening of an exhibition in Melbourne’s NGV in June 2009 showcasing works by Salvador Dalí. This represents a not to be missed opportunity for these obscure Surrealists to present their work and attract attention for their art.

Melbourne’s visitors and locals will have the opportunity to encounter not only the works of Salvador Dalí but also the unique visions of these local artists at the time that the subject of Surrealist art is prominent.

With “Humanist-Transhumanist – An Umbrella and Two Surrealists” lovers of the Surreal and Fantastic Art will be confronted by voluptuous and hyper real flesh combining with machine and environment and more. A humanist idealist and, an original trans-humanist interweave aspects of mythology, history, and human psychology.

Contrasting presentation of ideas and styles between the two artists spark controversy and conversation as each viewer inevitably interacts with what they see in the images; variously one viewer may conflict with and be confronted by what another understands and aligns with.

Reactions are human; emotional, intellectual, or a mixture of both, as each viewer conducts their own internal conversation either in favour for, or wrestling with/against, what they see.

In Australia Surrealism has had limited opportunity as it has long been misunderstood to be an art produced by the unconscious and of random accidents. Robert Hughes in his book “The Art of Australia” criticises the Australian Surrealist, Gleeson by claiming him to be a painter of “allegories and literary symbols” and goes on to further criticise Gleeson for his lack of “irrational processes”. Robert Nelson from Melbourne’s Age Newspaper in a review of Gleeson’s work written for the SMH in 1993 expressed concerned that Gleeson’s popularity in the same year of the “Surrealism, Revolution by Night” exhibition might “sow a generation of unconscious painters”.

However, Surrealism even according to Breton’s definition gave limits to the extent of the irrational over the rational. As Schneede in his “Surrealism” points out if it were truly irrational it would be artless.

It is the intention of the presentation to provide lovers and newly attracted enthusiasts of the Surreal and Fantastic with an outstanding and alternative viewing experience to its generally mainstream and historic representations. It will be an unapologetic display from the surreal and fantastic to the symbolic.


Guildford Lane Gallery
20-24 Guildford Lane
Melbourne, 3000