Notes On...

A weekend exhibition featuring Shannon Lyons & Jason Hansma

Notes On… is a weekend exhibition at Spectrum Project Space opening on Friday 10th April that will showcase the work of two Perth-based artists, Shannon Lyons and Jason Hansma.

Art Exhibition previously on in Perth precinct, Western Australia, Australia.
From Friday 10 April 2009 to Monday 13 April 2009
Launch Friday 10 April 2009, Wed-Sun 2pm-6pm

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 01 April 2009.
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The artists share an affinity for reductive practices and this exhibition seeks to extract and expose the aesthetic of their ‘work in progress’.

In doing so, the duo hope to shift audience expectation from a passive acceptance of finished art to a broader appreciation of the artistic process.

Notes on… will challenge the audience to explore the unseen process of producing artistic work, in contrast to the finished art most often viewed in a gallery context.