drawing, embroidery and ceramics at the here gallery

Drawing, embroidery and ceramics from Cindy Jaswal, Claire Platt and Camilla Stacey.

Art Exhibition previously on at here shop and gallery in Somerset, United Kingdom.
From Wednesday 07 November 2007 to Wednesday 28 November 2007

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Published by anonymous on Sunday 21 October 2007.
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Cindy Jaswal lives in Vancouver where she makes mixed-media art, including pen and ink drawings, paintings, printmaking, handmade books, and photography. Throughout her work she takes inspiration from the natural world, paying particular attention to the place where the land and sea meet, having spent much of her time carefully observing these areas in and around Vancouver and Vancouver Island. For ‘abracadabra’ Cindy has created a series of drawings based on the sea shacks that are found in her local area, a kind of Canadian version of the beach hut. This is Cindy’s first exhibition in the UK.

Claire Platt graduated from the Drawing and Applied Arts Degree at UWE earlier this year and now lives and works in London. Her work is primarily concerned with the ‘female’ language of stitch and its decorative qualities. She plays with a recognised formal portrait format and anatomical drawings, hoping to engage the viewer in questioning recognition of their own body and their similarities with others. For this exhibition Claire will be showing her embroideries based on the body, and new work that responds to an interest in aircraft.

Camilla Stacey is one of the founders of here shop and gallery who ran away to live by the seaside in Weston-super-Mare. Working with found objects, ceramics, print and textiles she creates work that is influenced by ideas of memory, perception and obsessive collections. For ‘abracadabra’ Camilla will be creating a new piece of work, using a combination of found ceramic figurines and plaster multiples. This is the first time Camilla has shown her own work at the gallery.

All three artists met on-line, and are interested in the collaborations that this can bring about- and the fact that despite working in very traditional ‘craft’ media, it is the high-tech world of the internet that has made this exhibition possible.


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