Pompeii : A Walk Through Pompeii

Angela Morgan present fabulous images of Pompeii.

After a recent trip to Pompeii, as a member of the Melbourne University Archaeological team, Angie Morgan returned with inspirational images of the ancient city.

Art Exhibition previously on at AGRA - Australian Guild of Realist Artists in Other Metro Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 07 October 2009 to Sunday 18 October 2009
Launch Wednesday 07 October 2009, Official Opening details Wed 7th Oct at 6pm

Pompeii doorway image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 02 April 2009.
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The volcanic eruption of Mt Vesuvius on the 24th August in 79 A.D. left the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum buried in ash and lava for almost 2,000 years. During Angie’s work in Italy, she saw the excavations, sat amongst the ruins for days, and was able to capture first hand the impressions which remain today.

Combining her architectural, archaeological and painting training, (all of which she is passionate about) Angie has created an evocative interpretation of the beauty which is unique to Italy and to Pompeii itself.

These works on paper and mixed media capture Pompeii as it was, yet also create a feeling of present moment observations which are bathed in sunlight and colour. On viewing, we cannot help to feel that the Romans were people just like us.


Australian Guild of Realist Artists AGRA
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cnr Camberwell Road, ample parking nearby
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