Yellow Brick Road

Independant Fashion/Accessory Designer Exhibition

Yellow Brick Road provides an extraordinary cross-over of disciplines. Opportunities for artists ito work together in this way and at this scale are extremely rare . All seized the opportunity to collaborate and be inspired on a greater journey than their own individual collections.

Art Exhibition previously on in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 19 October 2007 to Sunday 04 November 2007

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Published by anonymous on Monday 22 October 2007.
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In true Wizard of Oz style (minus the singing munchkins), 20 of Melbourne’s most innovative independent fashion and accessory designers will showcase their theme inspired collections along a life-sized Yellow Brick Road.

Green-Wood Gallery
1 Hotham St,
South Melbourne.

Collections are designed to incite a sense of wonderment and discovery for those who choose to follow…

Dorothy said at the end of the film: “If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own backyard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with”. The theme of the exhibition stems from this idea: to look within to find the answers you seek, not over some far-away rainbow, or in others (not even wonderful wizards!).

Aligning with this powerful theme, we have chosen to direct proceeds to local South Melbourne community organisation, Kombiz Youth Network (

Event Organiser: Davina deWitts
Curator: Michelle Hamer
Our Designers:

Alexi Freeman
Kane Greenhatch
Nadine Treister
Sam Lucas
Naomi Clegg
Michelle Hamer (RU Smitten?)
Jo Beecher and Fallon White (Jahlon)


Green-Wood Gallery
1 Hotham St,
South Melbourne. 3205

10am-5pm daily
20th Oct -4 Nov 2007